Brand Standards

Brand standards and brand compliance empowers your team to deliver consistently exceptional guest experiences. This consistency drives predictability and heightens your Guest's expectation of an impeccable experience. Brand loyalty is built and brand awareness is spread through referrals. Guests more confidently use and advocate your products, services or experiences.

GDI makes the process of developing and refining standards simple. We begin by aligning ourselves and our processes with your current vision, mission and values, your strategic goals and initiatives, fitting standards seamlessly into your culture.

Clear documentation enriches the Guest experience. Our experience has been when the brand's emotional and operational requirements are documented in measurable expectations and brand standards, employees are empowered to provide exceptional guest experiences.

We help with our clients articulate and document:

Our next step is to customize a measurement program that you can actually use to benchmark, coach, and immediately identify areas of brand weakness and strength. The result? Your brand standards… measured your way.


Improving the guest experience drives deeper emotional connections with a company/brand and increases Guest Satisfaction, Guest Engagement, spends, and loyalty.

Our excellence in design, deployment, and analytics gives you the competitive advantage in guest experience. Periodic reviews allow us to address emerging challenges and drive continuous improvement. Our brand assessment programs help clients to improve service and to secure long-term relationships with their guests.

Technology and experience at your command

Our dedicated technology team has developed a powerful quality management and reporting platform, enabling us to configure scoring, reporting, and dashboard views that speak to our clients.

The team at GDI has a combined experience of more than 75 years of core hospitality experience. Our partnerships with many of the world's hospitality brands and a growing number of companies in other industries have sharpened our insights and helped us to fine-tune our services.

Reach across global geographies of operations

Whether you have one location or 300, GDI has measurement resources in every region of the world to provide relevant brand compliance solutions, customized to your needs. GDI serves it's clients in more than 116 countries and has been providing brand compliance and quality assurance programs for nearly a decade. Our clients share a commitment to first benchmark their brand, measure their performance, and then take action. GDI is the measurement partner these Guest-centric hospitality leaders trust to make them better, stronger, and consolidate their position as leaders in the industry. Your partnership with GDI will help to ensure that you remain ahead of your guest satisfaction curve.