Real challenge is scary, but we are not afraid.

We welcome people with a passion and penchant for the luxury hospitality experience. While our employees are full time experience auditors, we recognize the need to closely emulate the demographics of our clients’ guests. We’re actively seeking individuals to join us and be part of our team.

We are looking for enthusiasts with extensive exposure to the 5 to 7 Star experience, (at least 5 years of experience in brand standards and quality assurance). You will form the core group of the organizations’ Experience Specialists Cadre.

You are also welcome to apply to us as long as you have the knowledge and passion we’re looking for. You could be a teacher, a doctor, an engineer or even an astronaut! If you have the ability to experience, describe and be impartial in your observations while absorbing the atmosphere of luxurious hospitality, you could be our secret agent!

We are also custodians of the some of the best practices in the space, nurtured over time by industry past masters, who form the core of our subject matter expertise. Most of our frameworks have been conceptualized and implemented by these industry leaders.

We would also seriously consider applications from former or retired airline pilots who have had experience of at least 10 international destinations.