Our Experience Specialists


Our experience specialists are seasoned professionals who are extensively travelled and well versed in the luxury hospitality experience.

We also deploy airline pilots as they make for the best experience specialists, having experienced more than fifty international destinations. We also welcome participation from seasoned luxury shoppers and frequent business class flyers. Our extensive database of loyalty members of global luxury chains enables us to understand changing business scenarios and provide critical market intelligence. Fashion and hospitality experts partner with us on an ongoing basis to so that we remain updated with any trends that might be emerging in any corner of the globe.

  • Face to face modules to shape and strengthen existing competencies
  • Brand Standards Training
  • SOP Training
  • Customer Experience Scenarios
  • Online Certifications
  • Real time simulations and assessments before deployment on live audits
  • In addition to the above, we also customize our specialists’ orientation to the specific client with whom we’re partnering. We realize that domain expertise needs to be bolstered by client specific customizations. Our approach is to immerse the Experience Specialists in the your guests’ characteristics before deployment.