Training & Development

Guest retention is all about exception guest service and exceptional guest service is all about employee morale, motivation and training. GDI's certificate courses assists employers with both.

Our learning objective is, “to motivate and inspire employees to deliver excellent service through The Fine Art of Hospitality.”

Through GDI's combination of online and onsite approaches, companies can now take advantage of our proven techniques and affordable guest service and management training courses.

The programs and certification courses offer professional development courses designed specifically for both front line employees as well as management.

All courses and content can be customized to our clients' needs and can be delivered based on client timelines. GDI will track employee progress and provide employers with an update.


The Hospitality Professional Course (HPC) includes self-paced videos and activities that have been created for associates currently working in the hospitality industry. The overall purpose of the HPC courses is to enhance one’s career and professional development skills. The topics and activities in the HPC are designed to inspire employees to deliver service excellence by developing your skills in the Fine Art of Hospitality.

The Hospitality Professional Course (HPC) provides the foundation for a successful experience and hospitality career by:


A great supervisor needs “hard” skills to improve systems and “soft' skills” to improve people. The Certified Hospitlaity Supervisor course teaches both. In order to succeed in a high performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.

The majority of supervisors around the world are more trained to identify and deal with only the hard issues such as poor quality, low production, absenteeism, and unacceptable customer service. However, the underlying cause of hard issues is often found in the soft issues.

The soft issues are the people issues – the fundamental attitudes or mindsets of your employees. These soft issues consist of less tangible aspects that are not as easily measured, yet, they directly impact the hard issues every day and therefore the bottom line of your company.

The key to your success as a supervisor is to be able to identify both the hard issues and soft issues and use the right skills to approach them. This course is designed to do just that by placing equal emphasis on hard skill and soft skill development.

GDI builds one’s skills, capabilities and confidence in using the strategies and tools to make improvements, lead change and motivate teams to deliver service excellence.


How do you work with people from all over the world in one team or company, treat them all with respect and inspire them to achieve a common goal? This is the objective of this Advanced Certificate Course. It provides the foundation for a successful career in hospitality by developing and inspiring:


Essential employability traits deemed essential by the industry;


Strong leadership skills, focused on the new concept of leadership which overtakes the traditional concept of management;


Cross cultural understanding which adequately prepares participants for effective interaction with diverse cultures in a global hospitality workplace.


GDI’s proprietary software has a business support feature that helps managers to assign self-created training modules to users and track training progress.

  • Online Database – Use the platform to host content as per modules.
  • Assessments – Create assessments to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce training concepts with trainees
  • Reports and Dashboards – Review performance and gain insight into training impact with reports and dashboards
  • Access Control – Role led access control
  • Easy-to-use - Built to be simple and used by anyone.
  • Customized Learning - Creating personalized learning plans for trainees
  • Messages and Notifications – Get real-time notifications of activity from your teams and learners. Drive higher course completion rates through unique communication and notifications.
  • Surveys and Feedback – Gather feedback from learners using built-in survey tool and out-of-the-box reports.